When you are in the business of moving things whether it is people or freight, you need good logistics software. The days of doing business by phone and fax are nearly at an end as computer technology takes our world and shrinks it. Today a company in California can contact a driver in New York within seconds. Packages are tracked and business is done worldwide using computers, and they require software pertinent to your business to be effective.

With all the possibilities out there, it is hard to know which product will meet your needs most effectively. That is why we have compiled the top ten logistics software applications for you to compare.

Arc line 2000

This system is a fully integrated logistics software package that combines all your key elements in one easy-to-use package. With this program, you will have the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently with your team and potential customers. This will improve customer service and allow your team to dispatch more loads, and that is good news for everyone. In addition, this software incorporates accounting, load tracking, driver management, equipment management, sales, and much more into one streamlined application.

Collective Data

In today’s shrinking economy, it is more important than ever to have a grip on your expenses as well as your sales. Let’s face it you can have all the sales in the world but if profit is eaten away by equipment costs and inefficiency you are still in a bad situation. This is where collective data logistics software can lend a hand. You have the option of two program levels, basic and pro. One is created for in-house maintenance and the other is not. Track fuel usage, equipment maintenance, and track labor at the same time. This software is excellent for heavy machine contractors who need the ability to track this information.


This is dispatch software developed for small to medium-sized businesses. Companies include freight carriers, less than a load, brokerages, third-party logistics and even moving companies. This is a low-cost alternative for managing your fleet.

TMW Systems

Use this system to cut costs associated with maintenance, track warranty information, and streamline your mechanic’s department. In any business money is the bottom line so make it and then save it through cost-cutting techniques. Along with the maintenance aspects, this software also includes the standard load tracking and dispatch functions of the other packages.

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