Modern technology has brought with it many advances in every field and in every business, and because we are aided in technology we have become a world economy. This makes it easier to export goods to other countries, but because of this, the field of logistics (the work field that deals with the transportation of goods) has also grown. This is a field that is constantly growing, on a par with the world of technology. Logistics is a great and growing career field and there are many different types of jobs within the field that require a different set of knowledge skills depending on the position being filled.

Logistics jobs are a major factor in every business. When you work in logistics you can work in construction, architecture, and even engineering firms. People that work in logistics deal with production, shipping, and distribution of any product, and their main focus is getting enough product (not too much, and not too little) to the right place, at the right time.

Just about every company in every field needs help in logistics. there are logistics professionals working in the Automobile industry, the toy industry, and any industry which produces a product, even publishing firms need logistics professionals. Because this is such a large field there are many different jobs available. Let’s go over ten of the top logistics jobs that are out there.

Warehouse Manager

This logistics professional deals with making, sure enough, products is produced to be sent out at a certain time within a company. He makes sure that the product is produced in the right amount and sent out on a certain date so that the end-user has his product on time and the fabricator is not left with a lot of inventory. He manages all aspects of inventory, both what comes in and what goes out.

Distribution Center Manager

This Logistics professional deals with warehouse distribution, and inventory. He makes sure a company has enough inventory to produce the product, and that the product gets out on time. This type of job is very important within a company because a key element to a company’s success is having just enough inventory to get a certain amount of product finished within a certain time frame, and then shipped out and delivered on time. A company never wants to have too much inventory on hand because it produces losses that is why this job profile is so important to any company that produces any product.

Import Export Classifier

This position within the logistics field deals with getting all the paperwork in order and making sure that the product meets the importation and exportation requirements of any country. They deal with government import/export regulations and needs. This professional works hand in hand with the customs broker and customs itself. They handle permanent importations and temporary importations, as well as transportation of the goods to their final destination.

Import Sea Operator

Just as the import-export classifier this logistics professional deals with the import and export of goods and makes sure that all documentation is in order, but he generally deals with products that are transported by barge.

Transport Officer

This logistics specialist finds the best transportation method that delivers a product on time at the best price. Depending on the product he will use different transportation methods.

Shipping Classifier

The shipping classifier makes sure that the right documentation accompanies the product. He will make sure that the number of the product, the country of origin, and the product’s makeup are included on every box, barrel, or container. Different products like oil by-products or volatile materials will need to be classified in different ways depending on the government regulations that define the product.

Registration and Documentation Clerk

This entry-level position within the logistics field makes sure that all inventory, incoming product, and outgoing product is documented correctly and transferred into the database so that it can be tracked by all other members of the logistics field. He makes sure that the shipping classifier and the import/export clerk have done all the necessary documentation that needs to accompany a product. He also registers the receipt of incoming inventory.

Purchasing Administrator

The purchasing administrator makes sure that the purchasing agents have procured enough material for production and that they haven’t over-purchased items. This person budgets the amount spent on inventory and on all items that a company needs to produce their item. This specialist works closely with the accounting department.

Marketing Administrator

This logistics specialist generally works for a transportation company. He deals with the best way of marketing the transportation company’s services and works closely with large corporations. This person deals with the best way of attracting large corporate clients to a transportation company. He handles newsletters, information, marketing materials, etc.

Sales Manager

This logistics professional deals with increasing or maintaining sales numbers for large transportation companies. He makes sure that current corporate customers are happy with the way their product is being transported and works closely with sales executives to find better ways of promoting a transportation company’s services.

As you can see the Logistics field is varied and needs many different types of backgrounds to fill the positions. People who have studied business, logistics, accounting, import/export, sales and marketing, and engineering fit in well within many areas of Logistics.

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